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Eloria Serverinfo

Eloria Server informations

Server Save

Every day 6:00 AM (CET), next server save in:
Magic Level: Stage
Skills: Stage
Loot: x4
Spawn: x3
Guilds level required: 8
Level 1-50: Experience x180
Level 51-150: Experience x100
Level 151-200: Experience x80
Level 201-350: Experience x60
Level 351-500: Experience x30
Level 501-750: Experience x10
Level 751-1000: Experience x4
Level 1001-1200: Experience x3
Level 1201-1400: Experience x2.5
Level 1401-1600: Experience x2.25
Level 1601-1800: Experience x1.75
Level 1801-2400: Experience x1.5
Level 2401 and above: Experience x1

Any suggestions that you would like to provide for better changes, please let us know on our discord server
Lvl: 10000 / Elite Knight
Lvl: 10000 / Royal Paladin
🥉Krolik Bugs
Lvl: 10000 / Master Sorcerer
Lvl: 9875 / Royal Paladin
Lvl: 9284 / Elite Knight