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Eloria Rules
Last update: September 2023.
1 Trading
Trading, buying, or selling in-game items, accounts, or characters for real currency is strictly prohibited, unless conducted privately with the explicit consent of all parties involved.
2 Botting
Botting is allowed on the server however, Eloria staff does not provide it.
3 Personal Information
Sharing personal information or engaging in cyberbullying is strictly prohibited.
4 Names
The use of offensive or inappropriate character names, names that impersonate or reference real-life personalities, or names that violate intellectual property rights is not allowed.
5 Griefing
Repetitive killing or griefing of low-level or inexperienced players is strictly discouraged.
6 Scamming
Scamming, fraud, or deceptive practices are strictly prohibited.
7 See it? report it!
Players are encouraged to report exploits or bugs rather than exploit them.
8 Abusing
Abusing or spreading knowledge of game-breaking glitches is strictly forbidden.
9 Impersonating
Impersonating GMs or falsely claiming authority is strictly prohibited.
10 Issues
Any issues or problems should be reported to the GMs through the official Eloria Discord server or in-game.

A violation of the Eloria Rules may result in temporary character and account suspension. In severe cases, the removal or modification of character skills, attributes, and belongings, as well as the permanent removal of accounts without any compensation, may be considered. The severity of the sanctions is determined by the gamemaster based on the seriousness of the rule violation and the player's previous record.
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